1 quart Vinegar - white wine -- white, or cider (depends on the taste you want)
2 tablespoons herbs -- etc, up to 3
Introduction I make these often for gifts, but use them myself. They're attractive
and useful, as well as tasty. Great to give as a hostess gift, or as part of a
gourmand's basket, along with dried tomatoes, home-dried herbs, flavored mustards
and/or butters, etc.
Directions Heat vinegar on stove, but not to boiling. Add desired herbs (tarragon
is great, so is basil, rosemary, thyme, or mix some together. Also - red chili
peppers or lemons are wonderful.) Allow to simmer for about 30 min. Remove vinegar
from heat. Remove herbs, chilis, etc. Allow vinegar to cool. In attractive
sterilized bottles or jars, add fresh herbs, chilis, etc. (whatever you used to
flavor vinegar). Pour vinegar over herbs. Seal bottle. It's also attractive to tie
some raffia or ribbon around the neck of the bottle, and a pretty label identifying
the vinegar, and some suggestions for use. I also add sometimes add lemon zest, a
few different types (& colors) of peppercorns, and maybe a clove of garlic. (The
more you stuff into the bottle, the prettier it is).
Serving Suggestions Herbed vinegars are always good with olive oil in salads, but
they are also good on cooked greens.