Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

It’s that time of year again, when Christmas is fast approaching. The kids are home from school and you are wondering just what they can do to pass the time. Christmas is the perfect time of year to spend lots of time with the little ones getting messy with arts and crafts. Here are a few simple and quick craft ideas for the kids.

1. Make paper chains. I know, this is a classic, and you have probably made them before. However children never get bored of making paper chains, and it is a cheap and simple way to keep them occupied. All you need is some colored pieces of paper or cardboard, a few pairs of childrens craft scissors, and a stapler or some glue.

First you need to cut the paper or cardboard into strips. Then bend you first strip into a circle, and glue or staple the ends together. The idea is to keep threading your strips through each other, and sticking the ends together until you are left with a huge paper chain. Then hang it around your room, and watch the delight on the kids faces as they realise they have just made a wonderful Christmas decoration.

2. Make sparkly paper snowflakes. The only tools you need to make sparkly paper snowflakes is white paper, children’s craft scissors, some glue, and lastly some glitter and sparkly craft jewels. First you need to fold your paper a couple of times to form a small triangle. Then get your craft scissors and cut shapes into the edges of the folded paper. When you unfold your paper you should be left with a snowflake like shape. Cover the snowflake shape with glue, and decorate with glitter, and sparkly craft jewels. Then leave to dry.

Once dried you can put them in your windows around the house to make the effect of Christmas snow on your windows. Alternatively, you can make a hole in the top of your snowflakes, thread some string through, and hang them from your ceiling around your home.

3. Make homemade Christmas cards. Not only will this be a fun Christmas craft idea for the kids, but it can save you money too. All you need for this craft idea is some cardboard, glue, decorations such as glitter, pom poms, and colored pens, and a whole lot of imagination. There really is no instructions or limitations when it comes to letting your little ones make their own Christmas cards. Just let them run wild with the glitter and glue, and see what kinds of cards they can come up with.

Another home made Christmas card idea is personized ones. You could take pictures, of various family members wearing Christmas hats using your digital camera. Then print out the pictures, and glue them to the front of the cards. Imagine your families delight when they open your homemade card this Christmas.